Blended Book Co. is committed to shaking up the failure rate for blended families, one family at a time.


Our Co. is on a mission to promote hope and healing as we break out, break through, and break free.

Meet Lisa, our new partner and professional counseling student, supervised by Dr. Sandra Davis, PsyD, CCTP, who has a love for blended families. Through a blending of her own, years of teaching experience, and a passion for helping others, Lisa’s counseling style offers the perfect blend of our mission and her skill set.

Lisa believes that mental health is just as important as physical health. She is passionate about helping her clients reach success through therapeutic goal setting and the process of change.


Having been a single mom and now living in a blended family, Lisa's personal experience gives her insight and understanding of these challenges. Her interest also include working with teachers undergoing challenges at school and work/life balance, couples, divorce, postpartum depression, and individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and existential crisis.


As a Blended Book Co. referral source, Lisa offers professional counseling student services, supervised by Dr. Sandra Davis, PsyD, CCTP, on a low cost basis, to individuals referred in by our Co.  Lisa has been our number one outsource and resource for all our blended family counseling needs; teens, couples or individuals.

To schedule an appointment, contact Lisa directly at (214) 307-2648.


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