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statement of faith

Blended Book Co. is committed to shaking up the failure rate for blended families, one family at a time.  Our Co. is on a mission to promote hope and healing as we break out, break through, and break free.  


Outreach includes our six week workbook, BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home, scheduled speaking engagements, one on one coaching, couples classes and leadership training.  All outreach is God focused and encourages personal spiritual growth.


VISIon +

I never imagined my first broken heart was meant to help heal yours. My parents divorced when I was thirteen and growing up in a blended family was tough for me.  Having come from a broken home the last thing I imagined was walking into another one.


In 2011, I found myself, literally, in the middle of our blended family. I have no doubt that God brought our family together but for many years I fought with insecurities, comparison, selfishness, and pride.


Slowly, my issues found their way into our marriage and for years Andy and I fought, a lot. Fighting kept us from the Truth, our truth; that our marriage was meant for more.  Our marriage, with work, could break the generational curse of broken homes.  Our mess, as a blended family, was meant to become His message of redemption.  I'm Summer Butler, founder and author of Blended: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home and we exist to bring awareness to the struggles that plague blended families.


Blended Book Co. is a ministry for blended families born out of hard times and heartache with the vision to provide hope and healing to anyone in need. We are a relationship-driven ministry with a workbook foundation and strive to reach stable and struggling marriages in an effort to improve all relationships within blended families.