come and grow.

Blended Book Co.is a blended family ministry with a grow and go mission.

Grow in our local chapters by connecting with other blended families.


Grow as you walk through BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home, a workbook designed with you in mind.


Grow listening to conversations on our podcast, as we walk through the spiritual growth process, step by step.


We believe life happens in groups. I personally found Jesus sitting around a table full of Godly women and I haven't stopped chasing Him since. Because of this, we've created local chapters of both in person and virtual blended family support groups.

BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home is a workbook designed for blended families that includes working through struggles such as communication, forgiveness, conflict resolution, refinement, and more . . . 

Join Jenn + Summer in this God centered, self-focused podcast where each episode walks you through the growth process, step by step. Here’s what they know to be true; it all comes back to the condition of your soil. Together, we grow . . .