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Blended : Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home offers a different approach to blending families.  Born out of personal experience, God given topics, and an individual walk through fire, Blended tackles real life challenges using specific direction from the Bible. 


Blended explores topics including the hierarchy of your heart and home, forgiveness, conflict resolution, communication and personal refinement.  Our workbook takes a self-inventory approach to healthy family living. 

This 6 week study will transform the way you approach the struggles in your blended family, improve your personal relationship with God, and clarify His greater purpose for you. 




This book is absolutely amazing. As a step mom to 2, and 2 more we have together, I kept thinking, “I wish I had this earlier in my marriage.” Summer is real, and real is what we need more of. Her tone is non-condemning and filled with grace. The tools you will get from this book are priceless & I can’t wait to share this with other blended families! Highly Recommend!!!!

This book! It’s unbelievable!! It’s like every word, every scripture,  is what God needs me to hear right now. I’ve been struggling with my thoughts lately. I feel like this is going to get me back on the right track and focusing on Him instead of myself again!

This book has incredible insight for Blended Families...It will touch your heart and bring you to your knees. It is filled with biblical truth and scripture. I highly recommend it.

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