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Updated: Jan 25

{step mom: the wife of one's parent when distinct from one's natural or legal mother}

Does that kind of make you cringe? Does it make you think of the wicked step mommas in all Disney movies? Don’t lie, it does me. It still does to this day.

That word, the two syllable word that 98% of my friends will never be, can be lonely, full of resentment, isolating, hard, confusing, GREY, have unfulfilling thoughts, feelings and emotions... I pick D. All of the above. But.... GOD.

Teacher appreciation week starts tomorrow and, Frisco, you know what that means. Theme day every day to love on these men and women who have poured into our kids souls (insert Mon = flowers) In the past, this was a chore to complete for my steps. Today, God showed up.

I have 2 in elementary school and 1 in preschool. We are a family of 6 rounding the corner with almost 7. This momma is tired. Tired after a long day at the pool, errands and raising 4 babes with a belly full of almost 5, and tired of cutting stem after stem after stem....after stem.

Life has flown fast in almost 3 years. A marriage, being a stepmom, having a baby, new home, friends, more babies... {all by choice} but... GOD. He has shown up.

I am a step mom. That word has changed my life. If I’m being honest, I still cringe at that word- like most of you may. Stepmom; It’s the thing that has kept my eyes focused on Jesus. I used to get wrapped up in that word - daily- hourly- {insert: this is where I apologize to all my sweet sisters in the amount of insanely long text messages and phone calls you had to endure and tears regarding: this} .... but I just don’t anymore.

You see, I met this woman, Summer. She changed my perspective {well God changed/shifted}, but she spoke. What if a step momma wasn’t looked at as a title but a role? Role > Title

What if people actually started to look at it that way? What if the stigma was gone or we could at least change it? What if I, as a step momma, started to press that into my own heart? What if I actually started walking that out? There could be a shift. There would be a shift. There has been a shift.

I began to see things change. I began to see heart change within myself. I began to see an empathy come forth I never had before. I began to trust a God at an even deeper level than I ever knew possible.

You see, being a step momma isn’t that different from being a momma. We’re all walking in the role that the Lord has called us to - and our title? Well, that’s not ours to loathe in. Because it’s not about our title. It’s about our role. The role of showing up. Consistency. Day after day after day.

It has taken me almost 2 years to believe that. Truly. And a bunch of women who have and are walking in the same ‘steps’ as me... to remind us all- role > title.

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