Hailey Cangelosi | Staying Together Apart

This wasn’t the case in the beginning. From my perspective, my husband and his ex wife had some mending to do before coparenting could take place. Letting go of pride, pointing fingers, who’s wrong and who’s right would have to happen before they could move forward in parenting as a team. Luckily, this happened in our case.  After the first year and lots of healing and forgiveness, we were able to come together, be in the same room, look each other in the eye and have adult conversations. Conversations about more than just the kids. This was something I wasn’t sure was ever going to happen, especially right after the divorce. But it did for us.  Before I married my husband my heart was to have a big family. I just didn’t know part of the arrangement was going to include kids that weren’t biologically mine. Even still, I love them, I care for them and want what’s best for them. It’s not always easy and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot but it’s been extremely rewarding especially when I overhear how much they love me or feel comfortable enough to tell me personally.  The bottom line, in our case, what was once a broken family has now been redeemed by God. He came in and made it new, blended but new. It’s been an adjustment period for all of us. We’ve had hard times and good times but I believe the love we have for our kids, the love we have for our new spouses, and the respect we offer our new family keeps us growing together despite our differences.