/men tor/ verb : advise or train 


As a once struggling (and sometimes still) stepmom, my heart is to walk beside others in need. Whether you're a mom or stepmom, face planting in the middle of a blended family is rarely fun and often lonely.


BUT, God has a purpose and to this I make a promise.  He did for me and does for you and through the mentor relationship we will discover His plan for your position in the family.  Together we will walk through BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home and discover practical tips and life changing lessons.


Listen, from experience I know, feeling less alone helps me feel less crazy and when I'm seen and known by others I feel permission to be seen and known by God. Why?  Because I'm less scared and the most brave and this is my goal for you. Through mentoring we will walk together seeking Him along the way; going up for solutions instead of out to the world for approval.  Let's meet; in person or online.


Have you walked through BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home and ready to give back to a mom or stepmom in need?  


The heart of our ministry is to connect others and create life changing relationships along the way.  We know that lives are best lived out loud in  real, raw, and relatable relationships.


If you're a mom or stepmom in a blended family that has walked through many seasons of life, we would love to be part of your next right steps.

Connect with us today, we can't wait to meet you.