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Meet Lisa, MA, LPC - Associate


Through a blending of her own, years of teaching experience, and a passion for helping others, Lisa’s counseling style offers the perfect blend of our mission and her skill set.


Lisa believes that mental health is just as important as physical health. She is passionate about helping her clients reach success through therapeutic goal setting and the process of change.


Having been a single mom and now living in a blended family, Lisa's personal experience gives her insight and understanding of these challenges. Recently trained by Between Two Homes, Lisa offers co parenting services that are second to none.  Her interests also include working with teachers undergoing challenges at school and work/life balance, couples, divorce, postpartum depression, and individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and existential crisises.


As a Blended Book Co. team member, Lisa offers LPC - Associate telehealth services through Meltzer Counseling, supervised by Rachel Meltzer, LPC - Supervisor.  Lisa's services are provided on a low cost basis for individuals seeking private pay options.

Meet Rachel, MA, LMFT, EFT.


Adult individuals and couples therapy is the main focus of Rachel's practice. Having completed a EFT- Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy externship in 2017 and year long Core Skills training in EFT, Rachel's career goal is to become certified in EFT.

Relationships are hard, under the best of circumstances. When "extra" challenges like the pressure of parenting young children, struggles with communication & conflict, addiction, or life stressors are added onto the challenge, it can be so overwhelming. We each are a result of many experiences- our families of origin, our current families, our social & cultural experiences.


Regardless of circumstances, Rachel believes that we all want connection & understanding. Our humanness is made up social, emotional, spiritual & physical elements. All of these are connected & important. To respect, acknowledge & nurture these truths is my goal.


I wish to use my experiences to connect to others who may be in the midst of their chaos, wanting to grow, desiring to hope, and needing to be known. Thank you for the sacred opportunity to come alongside you as you grow through your journey


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