BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home provides in depth conversations not often addressed in other marriage ministries.  Offered as a 6 week class or provided in a condensed marriage conference, Blended discusses pertinent information for Christ centered marriage. ​


BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home encourages personal spiritual growth and becomes a side door into a relationship with Christ. Couples who may never walk through the front door of a church may be driven to work through Blended and in turn receive the good news of Jesus.

BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home applies the Bible to blended family struggles and dynamics. Participants in Blended often embrace the freedom available through God and God alone.

BLENDED families are only as healthy as their marriages. The marriage hierarchy (God, Marriage, Children, Others) is not something that is often discussed.  With the divorce rate for second marriages soaring over sixty percent; seventy when both spouses bring children into the marriage; Blended tackles difficult topics and opens healthy, healing conversations.

BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home provides a platform for open and honest discussion and brings authenticity into marriages and your church. The transparency that is a by-product of Blended can be infectious. True freedom is found in being fully known by others.









If you're a blended family looking for connection, we would love to meet you.  We believe life is better together and best lived out loud. Connect with us below to share your blended family's story or how BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home has touched your marriage.


If you're a church looking for blended family resources or seeking guidance on starting a blended family ministry, here's why bringing BLENDED: Aligning the Hierarchy of Heart + Home matters: