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Blended is a workbook born out of personal experiences, God given topics, and an individual walk through refinement. 


This 6 week study will transform the way blended families approach struggles within their family dynamics. Broken into five days of work per week, each day is followed by Reflect + Respond questions perfect for processing in a group setting on a weekly basis.


Explore topics including Personal Refining, Relationship Dynamics and Hierarchy of the Home, Forgiveness, Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Wisdom. Blended takes a self-inventory approach to healthy blended family living.

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Summer takes you by the hand and walks you through her own pain and healing, through God's wisdom, and grace.  My perspective of a blended family has gone from brokenness to blessed.

- Jenn B.

I have struggled for some time with our blended family in that there isn't a lot of resources or places to turn for help and sound advise.  I am so excited to have found Summer and her book on blended families.

- Lindsay V.

I don't even have the words to describe or express how this book has truly changed my mindset.  Summer made "hope" into an action word and gave it life.  She is relatable, personal, encouraging, honest, and raw. 

- Allison E.

As a therapist and mom leading a blended family, Summer's willingness to be vulnerable about her own journey leading a blended family allows others to be real and raw with the unpretty side of blending.  She has helped set the pace for our family to do a 180.

- Lisa C.