M E E T  S U M M E R

Mentor  |  Author  |  Speaker

In 2011, I found myself, literally, in the middle of our blended family. I have no doubt that God brought our family together but for many years I fought with insecurities, comparison, selfishness, and pride.


Slowly, my issues found their way into our marriage and Andy and I fought, a lot. Fighting kept us from the Truth, our truth; that marriage is meant for more.  


Being a step parent is hard.  Hell, being a parent is hard.  Add the complications that come with being a second wife, in a second marriage, and I about tapped out. But, when that happened, God stepped in.


What I discovered is that our mess, as a blended family, was meant to become His message of redemption and I wrote a book about it.  I basically delivered a baby in front of the entire world bearing all my labor pains and lessons learned in the hopes that you don't, like I did, waste one more minute of this precious life you've been given.


Today (outside the delivery room) I love speaking this message in as many ways as God allows; mentoring other moms and stepmoms, leading groups, and speaking at conferences.  Its a scary thing to put yourself out there - especially when it's not your best self - but my prayer in doing so is that I reach one more life and that one more person feels less alone and more equipped.


I would love to meet you, walk beside you, laugh, cry, scream (and probably cuss) with you.  It's all going to be as planned, as He has planned, so long as we get real and raw chasing Him every step of the way.