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In 2011, I found myself, literally, in the middle of our blended family. I have no doubt that God brought our family together but for many years I fought with insecurities, comparison, selfishness, and pride.


Slowly, my issues found their way into our marriage and Andy and I fought, a lot. Fighting kept us from the Truth, our truth; that marriage is meant for more.  


Being a step parent is hard.  Hell, being a parent is hard.  Add the role of second wife, in a second marriage, and I about tapped out. When that happened, God stepped in.


What I discovered is that our blended family mess was meant to become His message of redemption. And, I wrote a book about it. My hope is that you don't waste one more minute of your precious life.


In 2017 God placed this ministry on my heart and when He said go, I did. Hiding shame no longer held a place in my life and I boldly created Blended Book Co. 


Today, our mission is to reach one more life through our Grow and Go ministry.  Grow in your walk with God by developing deep meaningful connections then go share His good truths to all.


We offer growth opportunities through our Get Togethers, Groups, and Gatherings. Each build the foundation necessary to Go; to share your mess and His message of hope.


Join us. To find out more information about our ministry, Connect Now.